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Serengeti National Park

The place where the specular movement in the world happens where wildebeest, zebras and antelopes struggle for their lives against the predators of the Mara river as they cross over to either Serengeti or Masai Mara. Serengeti National Park is divided into three reserves that is the Maswa, Grumeti, Ikonrongo and Loliondo each with its unique landscape. On top of this the diverse wildlife in the whole of East Africa is Serengeti National Park. This is the largest and oldest park in Tanzania with 14,750 sq. kms of land with most sparkling game viewing park in Africa. Serengeti National Park is one of the UNESCO sites declared for world heritage and also named as the 7th natural wonder of the world. This is because the park is home to the big 5 mammals (Lion, Leopards, Buffaloes, Rhinos and Elephants) that feature in the bucket list of all tourists.

Attractions in Serengeti

Great Migration

This is a movement of millions of wildebeests, gazelles and zebras in search for greener pastures through the Mara river and protecting them selves from its predators the crocodiles. This activity happens between July – October every year.

Cultural and historic sites

These are traced way back in the 1800 while the Masai people used to leave in the park. You will find Masai rock paintings in areas of Moru and Gong rock which makes different sounds

The Olduvai Gorge

With its history also will highlight your safari as you learn about the old remains of early man which were dug by Dr. Louis Leaky a million years ago. The famous Archaeologists changed the understanding of evolution of man.

Retina Hippo Pool

known for its huge numbers of hippos known as a school. Enjoy boat cruises and discover their way of life in the waters and off water

Grumeti River

is famously known for the wildebeest migration where millions of gazelles, wildebeests and zebras cross over to Mara river in Masai Mara as the predators hunt them which is known as survival for the fittest.

Seronera River Valley

It’s a place to see the spectacular views of the Serengeti National park with its beautiful flora and fauna as well as the gorges, the mountains and the animals.

The Wildlife

Serengeti National Park is endowed with a variety of wildlife from large mammals like Rhinos, Elephants, Lions, Leopards and Buffaloes. Furthermore, Serengeti National Park has the highest concentration of large mammals in the world. Other animals like giraffes, hippos, wildebeests, zebras, antelopes and so much more.

Bird life

Serengeti is endowed with 500 bird species and for all bird lovers this is the place to be. Examples of bird species like Ostriches, flamingoes, secretary birds, eagles and many more.

Activities in Serengeti National Park

Game Drives

They start early in the morning at 06:00am and afternoon session at 1:00 pm as well as the night game drives in search for nocturnal at 6:30pm with the view of the sunset.

They are conducted in open roof top vehicles of 4×4 and open sided vehicles to enable you take great pictures during your safari.

During your game drives you will use different circuits to see varsity numbers of wildlife species. Some of the wildlife circuits are Naabi hill gate – Ikoma gate, Kleins gate to Ikoma gate and Naabi to Ndabaka gate.

You will see animals ranging from African hunting Dog, Spotted Hyenas, Bat Eared Fox, large herds of antelopes, Zebras, Thompson’s giant gazelles and the popular wildebeests.

Other animals like bush babies, civets, Aardvarks, leopards, dik diks, bat eared fox, scrub hare, jackals and mongoose.

For the great migration schedule in Serengeti during December-march in the northern section and mid-May to mid-October

Bird Watching

The Serengeti National Park offers huge numbers of birds with over 500 species which are sighted along the riverine forests as well as swampy areas of the park. During this activity, bird lovers should wake up early in the morning to view the Eurasian migratory birds from Europe during October- April.


With the biggest part of the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world known as Lake Victoria offers tourists interested in fishing to take part in catching the famous Nile Perch and other fish types. This also offers you a glimpse of the different landscapes and water birds.

Walking safari

Serengeti National Park offers you a chance to move out of your vehicle and stretch your legs for either a short or long walk during your safari. These walks are conducted by the park rangers and done during day.

Filming and Photographic tours

Serengeti will offer a chance to film and photograph incredible wildlife views from hunting, feeding and interaction with one another.

Balloon Safaris

The hot air balloon safari in Serengeti offers you great views of the park high above like a bird is the most thrilling adventure of a life time.

This activity is offered in two places in the park which is Grumeti and Seronera river regions. These balloon safari start early in the morning at 06:30 to 09:30 am and it’s a one-hour ride with bush breakfast offered during the activity.

Balloon safari is $588 United States dollars and allows a minimum age of 7 years and maximum of 75 years. A take off of the hot air balloon feels like an airplane so you will feel a little Jedi.

Where to stay in Serengeti

There are a number of places to stay while on your Serengeti trip which ranges from Budget, Midrange to Luxury accommodation. Budget accommodation ranges from $30-$150, Midrange from $200- $250 and Luxury from $300-$1000.


  • Four Seasons Safari Lodge
  • Acacia Seronera Lodge
  • Serengeti Serna Safari Lodge
  • Elewana Serengeti Migration Camp
  • One Nature Nyaruswiga Serengeti


  • Soroi Serengeti Lodge
  • Wellworth Ole Serai
  • Melia Serengeti Lodge
  • Lake Ndutu Camp
  • Serengeti Mawa Tented Camp


  • Ikoma Tented camp
  • Kobe House

For your planning purposes you can visit the park for a 2 day or multiple days depending on your budget. We recommend that you combine this tour with other classical places in Tanzania like Ngorongoro Conservancy, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara and Ruaha National Park.

Furthermore, cross border safaris can be added in Kenya like Masai Mara, Amboseli for the big five, Lake Nakuru for the Flamingoes and Tsavo for the lions. These combinations will just add a slice to your safari as you touch each of the East African countries. And not forgetting man’s closest relatives in Uganda the gorillas and chimpanzees.

In conclusion, Serengeti National Park being the largest park in Africa and where the wildebeest migration happens will never be disappointed when you add it to your safari while in Tanzania.

How to get to Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park is approximately 272kms from Arusha to Naabi Gate through the Ngorongoro conservation Area. Below are the different transportation ways;

By Road

The Serengeti National park is accessed through 8 (eight) entry points by road and the difference is in the kilometers taken to reach the park. The eight entry points and distance are;

  • Naabi Hill gate (272 Km from Ngorongoro conservancy)
  • Ndabaka gate (141 Kms from Mwanza)
  • Kleins gate (420 Kms from Arusha)
  • Tabora B (430 Kms from Arusha)
  • Ndutu gate (265 Km from Mwanza)
  • Ikoma gate (253 Kms from Mwanza via Mugumu district)
  • Lamai gate (67 Kms from Sirari)
  • Handajega gate (149 Kms from Mwanza)

The roads are in good condition but as you get closer to the Game Reserve, the roads are Marram and you may experience the African Massage. We recommend you use a 4×4 Vehicle and this ranges from Us dollars $200-$350 per day minus drivers’ allowance.

By Air

Serengeti can be accessed by air through its two international airports that is Julius Nyerere international airport and Kilimanjaro International Airport. Arusha airport is the popular flight connection for all flights to Serengeti. Air transportation is operated by the below companies;

  • Regional Air
  • Safari Air Link
  • Coastal Aviation
  • Air Tanzania
  • Zan Air
  • Auric Air
  • Precision Air

It takes approximately one (1) hour to reach the Serengeti National Park. You should be ready for the different stops as other passengers will be dropped off since Serengeti has got 7 Airstrips as below;

  • Serengeti International Airport
  • Mara North Conservancy
  • Kichwa Tembo
  • Olkiombo Airstrip
  • Sasakwa Airstrip
  • Kogatende Airstrip
  • Seronera Airstrip

Air transport fees depend on whether you are using a scheduled craft or chartering one for your group.

Best time of the year to visit Serengeti National Park

The time of visit varies depending on the seasons that’s wet or dry. However, be rest assured that you can visit anytime of the year but the difference will be in the volume of wildlife seen. We recommend you visit during the dry and when the rain is less for better game viewing that is Mid May to Mid-October. The rainy seasons with huge rainfalls happen during January to March. However, due to global warming there has been a change in the rainfall patterns therefore this can change year after year.

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