Discover Uganda “The Pearl of Africa”

Uganda is a welcome splash of green in a predominantly arid continent. Its dense forests give shelter to some of the last remaining mountain gorillas on Earth. People travel from far and wide to spend an hour in their presence, watching them graze, groom, sleep and play. Our safari specialists, having experienced the country beyond its prized wildlife attraction, will arrange your gorilla encounter and recommend how to spend your holiday in Uganda before or after.

We can arrange a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park, giving you a chance to see the Big Five, including tree-climbing lions. On boat trips along the Ishasha River, you can look for water-dwelling birdlife, hippo pods and elephant herds lining the banks. Or, trek with a guide through Kibale Forest National Park for a chance to see its 13 species of primate, including chimpanzees, red colobus and L’Hoest’s monkeys, and grey-cheeked mangabeys.

Suggested itineraries for Uganda

These itineraries give you a starting point for what your trip to Uganda could entail. They cover routes we’ve found work particularly well and feature some of our favourite places to stay. Treat them as inspiration, as each trip is created uniquely for you.

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Best Time To Visit Uganda

You can visit Uganda throughout the year on an African safari but during the dryer months of December — February and June – September are the best times to visit Uganda. If your interest is gorilla tracking, much as it’s done all year throughout, the best months are June – August and December – February.

Always ensure you have your own transportation during your African safari to ensure you are comfortable and book in time. Please note that the climate of Uganda is more of Equatorial and savannah so you can’t rule out rain completely on your primate walk.


Uganda is located on the African continent on the Eastern part and can be accessed from different parts of the world. Below are the different ways you can reach Uganda

By Air

Uganda can be accessed by a number of international airlines from the rest of the world to Entebbe International Airport (the only International Airport in the country).

The Airlines that fly to Uganda have connecting flights from other countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and below are the airlines that serve the East African route;

Europe (daily flights from Zuri, London and Amsterdam)

  • KLM Royal Duchess via Kigali
  • Emirates Airlines via Dubai
  • Uganda Airways via Nairobi
  • Qatar Air via Doho
  • Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Ababa
  • Turkish Airlines via Istanbul
  • Brussels via Kigali

The United States of America or North America (Daily flights from New York and JF Kennedy via either Dubai, Amsterdam, Zurich and London)

  • KLM Royal Duchess via Kigali
  • Emirates Airlines via Dubai
  • Uganda Airways via Nairobi
  • Qatar Air via Doho
  • Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Ababa
  • Turkish Airlines via Istanbul
  • Brussels via Kigali

The Far East, Asia and Australia (Daily flights from Mumbai, Bangkok, China- Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai). These airlines have connection flights via Dubai, Doha and Singapore.

  • China Southern Airline
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Uganda Airways
  • Qatar Air

Domestic Flights; These offer faster transport to the National parks although flights to these places are still high. Your Tour operator can charter a flight for you during your East African safari. The supply of service is championed by the below companies.

  • Aero link with daily flights to Queen Elizabeth N.P(Kasese & Mweya), Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Kihihi & Kisoro), Murchison falls National Park (Pakuba, Bugungu & Chobe), Kidepo Valley National Park and Semiliki National Park
  • Uganda Airlines with daily flights to Nairobi, Mombasa, Mogadishu and Zanzibar
  • Fly Uganda (Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National Park)
  • Eagle Air (Kidepo Valley National Park)

By Road

This is the most common transportation used in Uganda and most safaris are by road using the 4×4 vehicles to access the roads.

All highway roads are tarmac however as you get closer to the parks the roads are marram and expect an African message to keep our wildlife safe for the future generation.

Uganda can be accessed through bus transportation while you are in Africa and this operator in the capital cities.

This is through; Uganda- Nairobi, Somali – Mogadishu, Tanzania – Dare Salam & Arusha, Ethiopia – Addis Ababa and Sudan – Khartoum.

Immigration is always processed at the border stations and always consult with your Tour Agent or Tour operator for more information.

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Best Uganda Safaris Circuits & Routes

There’s a lot to see during your vacation in Uganda and you need an African company to take you through all the spots so that you don’t miss out on any of the amazing and memorable experiences.

Your budget will dictate on how much time you spend in the pearl of Africa (Uganda) and transverse the different attractions it has to offer. If you are someone who loves the wilderness, Uganda is the best place to realize your dream of an African vacation. For a Uganda safari, you may choose from game drives, adventure holiday, cultural tours or even flight safaris to mention but a few. However, your safari planner will help you choose which type of destinations to visit as per your desire.

Uganda safaris are divided into Four circuits as per below;

Western Circuit

This circuit is the most popular and where all safaris begins since it offers you the best connection to most of the wildlife in Uganda and the gorilla trekking activity.

  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is popular known for the mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda with over 40% of them. We recommend a safari of 2-3 days to enable you explore the parks scenic beauty
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the savannah exotic parks in Uganda and we recommend a safari of 2-4 days to enable you explore the parks scenic beauty
  • Lake Mburo National Park offers you game drives, boat rides and wildlife walking safaris. We recommend a safari of 1-2 days to enable you explore the parks and crater lakes
  • Kibale Forest National Park is the primate capital of the world and home to over 1000 chimpanzees and a place to track them. We recommend a safari of 2-4 days to enable you explore the parks and crater lakes
  • Semiliki National Park is a bird haven for bird lovers and we recommend a safari of 1-2 days
  • Rwenzori Mountain is a snow-capped mountain with the highest point in Uganda at Mt Stanley and Margarita peaks

Extension addons to this circuit

  • Batwa trail
  • Kidepo Valley N.P
  • Jinja source of the Nile
  • Kalangala

Lions in Murchison Falls National Park

Eastern and Northern Circuit

This takes you to the historical and remote safari areas in Uganda

  • Kidepo Valley National Park offers you a slice of every wildlife Uganda has in big numbers than any other park and famed for the encounters of the big cats. We recommend a safari of 3-4 days to enable you explore the parks scenic beauty.
  • Murchison falls National Park which is known for its powerful falls that squeeze into a narrow gorge and be rest assured of Africa’s big five. We recommend a safari of 2-4 days to enable you explore the parks scenic beauty
  • Zziwa Rhino sanctuary is the only place to see rhinos in the wild and we recommend a safari of 1-2 days
  • Mount Elgon

Extension addons to this circuit

  • Jinja source of the Nile and White-water rafting
  • Sipi Falls
  • Mabira Forest
  • Sezibwa falls
  • Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Central Circuit

Located in the central part of Uganda and houses Kampala the capital City

  • Kampala City is the capital of Uganda and offers you the historical sites of Uganda and the night life
  • Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is a place very close to Entebbe airport to watch chimpanzees feed, play and interact with one another.
  • Entebbe Wildlife Center (zoo) offers you are chance to view Africa’s big 5 in a near wild environment and the behind the scenes activities of racing with the Cheater, feeding giraffes and lions

 Extension addons to this circuit

  • Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park for gorilla trekking
  • Murchison Falls National Park
  • Kibale Forest N.P for chimpanzee tracking

Entry Requirements

Passport: To be permitted entry to Uganda, you will be required to have a valid passport with at least 6 months to the expiry date and one empty page.

Visa: You will need a visa to be permitted entry into Uganda. Check with your consulate to know more about Visa to Uganda.

There are two visa types to choose from that is a single-entry visa to Uganda at $50 or an East African Visa for multiple entries to Uganda, Uganda and Rwanda at $100.

The process of applying for the Uganda visa can be online or on arrival at the Airport. Please note that your yellow fever certificate will be required during the visa application process.

The pearl of Africa will offer you a slice of of everything Africa Safaris have to offer and the best destinations to visit. Trek Africa Expeditions offers a variety of gorilla trekking safari options at unbeatable rates. Contact us for the best rates at or call us /WhatsApp us +256705767137 to start planning your safari / tour today!

Other Uganda Safari Ideas

Uganda is unique compared to the giant Africa safaris destinations like Kenya and Tanzania. It’s the only country you’re able to experience both the African savanna and the rainforest jungles on the same day.


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