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Trek Africa Expeditions offers gorilla & chimpanzees tracking safaris with wildlife adventure tours in East Africa

Start your adventures with Trek Africa Expeditions. Have us worry about the planning, fees payments, accommodation, transportation and transfers, so that you can concentrate on the work of enjoying your trip. From bespoke wildlife guided tours to a relaxing beach holiday in Mombasa, we plan and organize private and group tours that are gentle to your finances yet highly rewarding to your soul. Safari vacations in Africa are just as diverse as the continent itself, though planning an African Safari package can be tasking and expensive, it is also a richly rewarding experience to vacation in Africa. Whether you want to spend a few days gorilla trekking in Uganda or more than two weeks spotting the "Big Five" (Lion, Leopard, African Elephant, Rhino and Cape Buffalo) in the East African savanna, you'll find an array of experiences to best suit your travel excitement. To help you narrow down your options, take a look at these pre-customized safari packages. Note that we can customize any of those trips to suite your style, talk to any of our safari experts to help you get you started.


Suggested East African Safari Ideas

Looking for some trip inspiration? Designed by our specialists using their expertise and knowledge, our tailor-made itinerary suggestions below will give you a taste of the type of trips we can put together for you. Bear in mind, these are just a starting point as all holidays are customized to the specific requirements of our guests. Whether you prefer a different style of accommodation, a greater focus on a particular interest or to go to a different destination all together, every itinerary is created individually around your preferences.


Gorilla Trekking Experience


Top notch destinations

If you’re looking for the best safaris to East Africa, then we’ve got a great selection of tours for you to choose from, allowing you to see breath-taking landscapes and a wide variety of wildlife in their natural habitat..


Tailor-made East African Safaris

To help you narrow down your options, take a look at these pre-customized African safari packages. Note that we can customize any of these trips to suite your style, talk to any of our consultants to get you started..


Wildlife Adventure Safaris

Sink into carefree, sun-drenched days with Trek Africa Expeditions. From check-in to check-out, indulge your every whim during an all inclusive East African safari holiday where everything is taken care of for you. Dramatic wildlife moments, smiles with new friends, tasty dishes paired with cocktails.


Your Trusted African Travel Partner

Planning a Vacation Holiday or an African Safari is not as fun as experiencing the Adventure itself. It can be odious to find the right flights, hotels, local tour operator or Destination Management Company (DMC) to give you the right prices and make sure you are booked into convenient and comfortable facilities that fit your style. There's also making sure the fees and permits are secured in time for your arrival and not forgetting the big elephant in the room—reliability and trust.

Partner with someone that understand what it takes to go on holiday and let's do the worrying for you. You stick to having fun, and we do the rest. Contact our tour consultants/ expert or read more about us


Must-Do Top Safari Activities

To safari is to journey, and Africa is the place. Trek Africa Expeditions offers wildlife viewing that is unimaginable. Get involved in our safari experiences that will tickle your inner feelings to amusement and wildlife excitement, Activities like gorilla and chimpanzee tracking will take you closer to the habituated mountain gorillas and the friendly chimpanzees.


How we plan your African Safari


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Useful Tour Information


Responsible Travel in Uganda

At Trek Africa Expeditions, we look at responsible travel and tourism as the best way to reduce the impacts of mass tourism on local communities and their cultures plus the environment that surrounds them.

Gorilla Permit

A gorilla permit is like a ticket that allows you an escorted hike into the Eastern Africa jungle with trackers and a guide to track a habituated mountain gorilla family and later spend up-to 60 minutes, watching them.

Entry Visas for East Africa

If you are planning to pay a visit to Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for gorilla trekking, count your dreams achieved as it is now easier for you to obtain your visas.

FAQs About Gorilla Trekking

Here we bring you the answers to frequently asked question by travelers who wish to know the best East African country to go gorilla trekking; Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo.

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